kurila117delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.17


kurila117delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.17


This document describes differences between Perl Kurila 1.16 and Perl Kurila 1.17

Highlights In Perl Kurila 1.17

Getting the value of a variable can't have any side effects.

Core Enhancements

Renaming special variables

Special variables have been renamed and now all all the form $^NAME


The names are descriptive. Frees to be used as operators.

Special variables are evaluated where declared.

Special variables like $1, $^HINTS are evaluated where declared.


Prevents action-at-a-distance.

Removed 'tie'

All tie functionality has been removed.


Prevents action-at-a-distance.

Dynamic scope

A dynamic scope is added. It can be accessed using keyword dynascope. When a new scope is entered a dynascope becomes a copy of the current value, when the scope is leaved the dynascope is restored the the old value. At the moment it is only used for adding events to the end of a scope, by adding a sub-ref to the array dynascope-{onleave}>.


A more generic alternative for local.



Documentation has not been updated for many of the changes for kurila.

Self referential assignment problems

Assigning some value to a part of itself behaves unexpected.

Limited platform support

Perl Kurila has only been tested/build for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi platform.


The INSTALL file for how to build Perl Kurila.

The README file for general stuff.

The Artistic and Copying files for copyright information.


Written by Gerard Goossen <gerard@tty.nl>.

 kurila117delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.17