kurila114delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.14


kurila114delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.14


This document describes differences between Perl Kurila 1.13 and Perl Kurila 1.14

Highlights In Perl Kurila 1.14

Continuing where the previous release stopped, this one makes the built-in functions use arrays.

Core Enhancements

Built-in function using arrays

map, join, grep, for, sort, reverse, split, keys, values, .., qw, [[ ]], {[ ]} all return arrays and/or expect arrays as arguments instead of lists.


These functions work natural on arrays.

Circular dependencies are not allowed

Requires a module which is still being compiled will produce an error.


Prevents difficult problems with circular references

Error reporting reports error to the exact position, including character offset

All operations have specific location information, including the character position


Makes debugging easier.

Removal overloading

Overloading has been removed.


Prevents many difficulties associated wit overloading.



Documentation has not been updated for many of the changes for kurila.

Memory leaks

Lists are used in a lot of places where arrays are probably more appropriate.

Self referential assignment problems

Assigning some value to a part of itself behaves unexpected.

Tied hashes with complex data

Tied hashes do not work correctly with complex data structures. Assigning arrays or hashes to a value of tied hash might behave strange.

Limited platform support

Perl Kurila has only been tested/build for x86_64-linux-gnu-thread-multi platform.


The INSTALL file for how to build Perl Kurila.

The README file for general stuff.

The Artistic and Copying files for copyright information.


Written by Gerard Goossen <gerard@tty.nl>.

 kurila114delta - what is new for Perl Kurila 1.14